I use design thinking and human-centered design principles to foster a culture of innovation and discover the right story to tell.

My teams develop concepts, campaigns and solutions that share the value proposition in thought provoking ways.

This fosters a culture of innovation that creates solutions that matter to the target segments and connects business units to the “why”, the purpose behind each project. Mapping the journey helps us create and understand a holistic view of the customer relationship instead of working to make a single sale.

This helps us move the prospect, member, or customer along their journey from initial awareness, engagement, and sale to creating a word-of-mouth marketing advocate.

Karl gets it. He can take the most complex communications challenge and boil it down into something engaging and compelling. He listens and comes back with solutions that work.
Jon Dale
Coworker at Wayfinder Response Marketing
A strategic thinker and a smart creative - I can always depend on Karl's insight to provide great direction that takes my work to the next level.
Andre Cohen
Andre Freelanced for Karl at Wayfinder

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