Creative Director. Marketing Leader. Art Director.
Digital Champion.


Accomplished marketing leader, creator, brand visionary, and a champion of creating rabid brand advocates.

I specialize in building and leading high-performing marketing teams and strategic plans that drive balance sheet activity, create memorable brand experiences and leverage those experiences to drive brand awareness, consideration, new membership and increased engagement with consumers.

What sets me apart in the marketing landscape is a leadership vision that balances building the brand with moving people out of complacency and into action.


I specialize in building and leading a disciplined, creative marketing effort.

I specialize in influencing how people think and feel about a company, product, or service and translating that into behavior and action

I motivate teams by connecting them to the shared purpose, the “why” and being clear about desired results from the beginning.

I’m successsful at gathering input from multiple parties and using the input to build consensus towards a shared vision.

I pride myself on getting results based on the vision and desired outcomes. My teams measure the results, iterate, and improve with a business unit feedback loop.


Select Projects

Consumer experience -focused marketing is about diving deeper into the customer’s journey from awareness, initial contact through the process of engagement, the sale, and advocacy.