Five pillars of Marketing Operations success

I focus on five pillars of Marketing Operations success: developing creative with insight, using the right technology and data sets, delivering flawless execution, testing and analyzing with rigor, and improving the next efforts via iteration.

As marketing executive and agency creative director I succeed at developing creative projects that move people to action by communicating value, careful targeting, and creative that connects on an emotional and practical level.


I champion a data-first, digital-forward marketing effort utilizing in-place marketing technology solutions or creating a stepped plan forward to automate, personalize, and deliver relevant marketing campaigns and content.


Even the best ideas don’t work unless properly executed. Managing the process to ensure the correct personalization, messaging, offers, and targeting are correct is key. Process, marketing automation, proper testing, QC and vendor management are critical components.


I build the data tracking and analysis components from the project beginning and communicate stakeholders, vendors, and the marketing team. At established points during the campaign we look at success data and measurement before, during and after campaigns.


I pride myself on getting results based on the vision and desired outcomes. My teams measure the results, iterate, and improve with a business unit feedback loop.

“…He's open to taking suggestions on how to make something better or more cost effective, but he will also forcefully advocate for something he thinks is important...and he has a knack for explaining WHY something is important.”
at Wayfinder Response Marketing

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