Great concepts start with careful planning, brainstorming, collaboration, and execution with an eye for the details

I specialize in influencing how people think and feel about a company, product, or service and translating that into behavior and action

I motivate teams by connecting them to the shared purpose, the “why” and being clear about desired results from the beginning.

I’m successsful at gathering input from multiple parties and using the input to build consensus towards a shared vision.

… As a Creative Director, he(Karl) has deep commitment to combining branding creative with measurable results on every job, and he knows how to do it. A natural creative and strategic problem solver, he effortlessly crosses the lines between traditional and digital media in producing great work. Challenges that might unhinge other CDs simply feed his commitment to get it done right.
Executive Creative Director
Karl's Manager at Wayfinder Response Marketing
He's open to taking suggestions on how to make something better or more cost effective, but he will also forcefully advocate for something he thinks is important...and he has a knack for explaining WHY something is important.
Production Manager
Coworker at Wayfinder Response Marketing

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