A branding story going back to the 1400’s or why most newspaper mastheads look the same

The Branding issue

What we all strive for in our branding efforts is to leave people with a specific positive image, a position in the mind of consumers, and a certain trust in the company that we’re branding. We do this using many branding tactics, but one of the most powerful start is the company logo, logo recognition, consumer perception, a world wrapped up in a little ink mark on a page or pixels on a screen.

What Brand am I?

Companies would kill or at least maim to have the brand recognition over time that these next two products have. But are they still even made? How did they lose there place and become only the name that we refer to the product category? By the way yes they are still made, but I actually […]

When the data isn’t worth using and why we proof before we post.

Well I was shopping at a toy store the other day. I won’t mention it by name, but it rhymes with “Boys Car Pus”. Any way I saw this sign that made me chuckle, just a bit. Check out this sale sign… It points out two things. 1. Sometimes computers don’t create something that is […]

When Greek is Really Latin

This is probably old news to a lot of people in the industry, but I came across this interesting article on the origins of lorem ipsum, the dummy text we love so much, and was captivated.  the bottom line is that it looks like what we use to help design pages with sample type, “Greek […]