Reading the newspaper

Today’s rumination topic is Critical Thinking.  Inspired by A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper, by John Paulos. Its a short blog so bear with me.

In his book Paulos discusses critical reasoning when reading news stories as related to the discipline of mathematics. In a nut shell just how important math is to being able to wade through news story hype.

Looks like rain

Looks like rain

Weather Person: “There is a 52 percent chance of rain tomorrow.”

Oh no, better grab my umbrella!

Actually, a 52% chance is saying that the chance of rain is 2% higher than if I just flipped a coin and called a side (rain= heads, no rain=tails).

The point is we need to understand what the information is, where it came from, and critically review what it means.

This applies to everything that we see. Ads, product placement near the target audience(sugar cereals at child’s eye line). I could and will go on. But that’s another post

That’s today’s rumination from the POV of a Creative Director.

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