Appropriate post for Superbowl sunday

Yes the Super Bowl is this afternoon. The adman’s dream, to have an ad run during the Super Bowl. The ads. They’re, of course my favorite. They track our consciousness, our economy, our pipe-dreams, and just what is important to us at that moment in time.

That’s exactly it. “That moment in time.” I look back at the dot com bust, and it reminds me of a wildly popular Super Bowl Ad which now just makes me melancholy.
Now after the Housing Meltdown, and our slow recovery from that. I can once again look at Super Bowl ads with a little bit of spark. As a Creative Director I still revel in the Super Bowl ads. The Good. The Bad. And the just plain boring.

But today is Super Bowl Sunday. And here are my two favorite ads, Super Bowl or not, in the history of advertising. I know they are no brainers to many of us. But here you go.

P.S. enjoy the game!

Runner Up:

Number One:

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