A trip down Market Street

I know this has been out there, well since the early 1900s. But I came across an article today that was very interesting. Supposedly this film was shot a year before the big quake of 1906. But I read into some current investigations, including a segment on 60 Minutes, and it was very revealing.

Analysis done on the cars, places, etc. in the footage dates this film to 4 days before the quake in 1906. WOW! So I am including the video here.  Looks like market street was nuts even back then. But it is wild to think of how much the world of these people was going to change in about 72 hours…

trip down market street circa 1905 from karl goin on Vimeo.

It’s funny, I was working in SF when the 89 quake hit. And my apartment lost all decorations, sheet rock, and was a total mess. And I lived right off Haight! But I took the opportunity to move to the Marina. Because, there were just a couple of openings, and vacant lots. ;)

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