The power of marketing or…REALLY???

Hang around me long enough and you’ll hear me talk about the awesome power of marketing & advertising. About how important it is to have people who possess a great degree of scruples be involved it the creation of persuasive communications.

Never is this more critical than in the marketing of goods and services to children. Done right, and you enhance a child’s life with smart products and product recommendations. Done with sleeze, you’re going to burn in heck. Well at least I can dream, right.

Anyway, I was in a store the other day with my family and there was a bank of vending machines. Wow! What a blast from my childhood.


So we popped in a Quarter

With a turn of the crank, out popped the goodie. Then the wonderment and surprise that I remember commenced. What is it? Is it a treasure? I can’t wait!

As he opened the treasure it caught my eye…


He opened it…

And I snatched it from his hand with some delightful misdirection. Because, what what was in this Child’s vending machine prize was…


Yes, a shot glass.

So, there you have it. We as marketers have power. Power to do good, solve consumer needs, or market shot glasses to a 3 year old. I say again, we need good people in these advertising and marketing positions. Not the ilk that puts this kind of crud in front of a child. KCs people would I am sure be appalled if they knew this happened. I know I am.

To sum up

Not everyone in this industry is bad or markets in a sleezy way, but some do. It’s up to us industry folks to hold hold ourselves accountable and it’s up to the consumers to be wary, diligent and smart.

That’s my rumination.

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