Computer predictions from the 1960s

Many make predictions about the future of this and that. But, check this out, it’s from the 60s and it’s eerily prescient. Watch it once, then one more time and count how many of the things are currently being used in our everyday computer lives. HINT: (flat screen monitors)

Wow, if the hair and clothes were current, you’d think that this was a report on the current state of computers instead of a prediction from the 1960s. Now, predictions are a dime a dozen but
this one is really spot on. Before the internet, personal computers, email, & flat screen monitors.

What visionary came up with this? I am still looking, any help would be appreciated.

So my creative rumination is this. Don’t be afraid when you are in the concepting phase to stretch a little bit and use your imagination a little bit more. Just because you haven’t seen something yet, or it resides in your twilight before you fall asleep, run with it. Because if we don’t stretch as creatives these visions will never become real.

Yes, one moment, I’ll get off my soapbox now and get back to creating a direct mail piece that needs to conform to some stringent rules. But maybe tonight, after viewing this video again, I’ll stretch myself even more. We all can make our creative efforts better. Just takes discipline.

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