Appropriate post for Superbowl sunday

Yes the Super Bowl is this afternoon. The adman’s dream, to have an ad run during the Super Bowl. The ads. They’re, of course my favorite. They track our consciousness, our economy, our pipe-dreams, and just what is important to us at that moment in time. That’s exactly it. “That moment in time.” I look […]

A trip down Market Street

I know this has been out there, well since the early 1900s. But I came across an article today that was very interesting. Supposedly this film was shot a year before the big quake of 1906. But I read into some current investigations, including a segment on 60 Minutes, and it was very revealing. Analysis […]

The power of marketing or…REALLY???

Hang around me long enough and you’ll hear me talk about the awesome power of marketing & advertising. About how important it is to have people who possess a great degree of scruples be involved it the creation of persuasive communications. Never is this more critical than in the marketing of goods and services to […]

Computer predictions from the 1960s

Many make predictions about the future of this and that. But, check this out, it’s from the 60s and it’s eerily prescient. Watch it once, then one more time and count how many of the things are currently being used in our everyday computer lives. HINT: (flat screen monitors) Wow, if the hair and clothes […]

rockem sockem robots

I came across this advertisement from the 60s for a toy, that you can actually still buy today. Just goes to show you that brands and retro brands can continually delight and captivate people over a vast amount of time. This ad is from roughly 50 years ago. It’s still cool and the product can […]

The wonderful Brand of Disney

Just a tease. I just visited a Disney theme park. And I have a lot of Brand stories to relate. Promise to post soon Included… • How to keep a brand on point • Making sure the “on the ground” employees live the brand • Employing web 2.0 practices in a measurable sense • Making […]

What Brand Am I

It’s the holiday season and time for a quick “What Brand Am I” So here we go… Well it turns out that Heroin–the nasty drug was invented and marketed in 1895 by a German company as a morphine substitute. The name Heroin comes from the German Heroisch meaning heroic. And I am here to say […]

Reading the newspaper

Today’s rumination topic is Critical Thinking.  Inspired by A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper, by John Paulos. Its a short blog so bear with me. In his book Paulos discusses critical reasoning when reading news stories as related to the discipline of mathematics. In a nut shell just how important math is to being able to […]

Brand Versus Action-A story from last year still applies today

Last year I received a direct mail piece that made me cringe as a Creative Director.  It was from a local auto dealership, trying to get me to part with another 5 years of monthly payments for a newer car. The design was horsy, the offer huge and in a gaudy burst, and there must […]

Another Brand “Evolution”

What company am I associated with? Well this ones a little tough I’ll give you another hint. Sorry it’s a bit fuzzy. Well, that helps. Abercrombie and Fitch is a Brand we all are familiar with right? Beautiful young people, cool clothing, more beauty, you get the point. They have a pretty successful and active […]